Age of Empires free open source game has 26 updates, indicating its release was sensible

We had to wait a long time for Age of Empires to come back, but as of October 2021 Age of Empires IV is a reality. A total of 26 patches have been released for the game. Also, demonstrating that the decision to make it freely available as open source was a good one. With the help of many developers, “0 AD” has been adding more strategy to its game.

This instalment will add more civilizations to your strategy game experience, but there are some players who haven’t played one of the most famous series in the genre. Why? Well, because they’d found out about the “0 AD” project.

0 AD started out as a mod for Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings. Although, its creators changed it so that it could be played on its own. But in 2009, they did something that was unusual for the industry: they made it an open source game under the GPLv2 license, shared all the graphics used up to that point under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA license, and put out the original soundtrack.

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Age of Empires IV is the fourth instalment in the series

0 AD has various campaigns and features due of this insane notion. More than 100 developers worked on the game’s 26 upgrades (one for each letter of the alphabet). Which included new civilizations and made adjustments.

In this way, we are talking about a work that is still being worked on. Also, doesn’t want to lose its “alpha” label because it is still getting content-filled patches. The last one, which starts with the letter Z, is a tribute to the Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou, also known as Zhuangzi. It also introduces the Han civilization, which has its own technologies, art, buildings, and strategies.

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If you appreciate this sort of game, the base title and all updates may be played for free. If you want to keep playing the Age of Empires series, read Age of Empires IV reviews to discover if it lives up to the anticipation.


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