Amazon devices are getting upgraded to Matter

Amazon has said that its devices will soon get an update that will make them fully compatible with Matter. Here’s the whole list.

Yesterday, the first certifications and updates coming to different products in the next few months were made public. The new smart home standard promises less hassle and, most importantly, better compatibility.

Amazon is one of the big players in this new standard. It has announced that its products will get Matter in the coming months, which is a major update. Philips Hue, on the other hand, plans to update all of its devices in 2023. But the most important thing is that Matter’s availability on Amazon devices makes it possible for it to work with iOS and Homekit.

It will take a little longer to come out because the company still needs to test new Apple APIs to make sure everything works well. Also, this first announcement has some “buts.” Namely:

  • At this time, only Matter over WiFi will be supported, not Thread.
  • Only Android devices will be able to use it.
  • In this first major update, only smart plugs, smart light bulbs, and smart switches will be supported as accessories.

Amazon plans to add support for more types of accessories and expand the rollout to iOS and Thread early next year. They have given the following reasons for the delay:

Also, a new Alexa app that works with Matter iOS is taking longer to come out because “Apple requires apps to use new APIs that are just becoming available.”

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These Amazon products are getting upgraded to Matter

Still, if you use Android, you’ll be able to use Matter with Amazon devices in about a month, as long as you have one of the ones that work:

  • Echo Dot (fifth generation),
  • Echo Dot (5th generation) with clock,
  • Echo (4th generation),
  • Echo Dot (3rd generation, 2018 release),
  • Echo Studio,
  • Echo Show 8 (2nd generation, 2021 release),
  • Echo Show 10 (3rd generation),
  • Echo Show 5 (2nd generation, 2021 release),
  • Echo Dot (3rd generation) with clock,
  • Echo Dot (4th generation) with clock,
  • Echo Show 5, Echo (v3),
  • Echo Dot (4th generation),
  • EchoInput,
  • EchoFlex,
  • Echo Plus (v2),
  • Echo Show 8.


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