Duolingo’s new app, teaches math

Duolingo Math wants to give everyone the same chance to learn math. This is the new idea for the well-known app.

One of the most popular apps in any app store is Duolingo. But until now, the friendly green owl has only helped us learn different languages, like Valyrian and Klingon, which are both real and made up. But it looks like the company wants to move into other areas, and it has confirmed an important fact: it now wants to help you become an expert in math.

So things are. The green owl will change the subject in Duolingo Math. After showing little bits of its new app for a year, the company has finally decided to make it available to all iOS users. Best of all, it’s a lot like its sister app, so if you know how to use one, you’ll have no trouble with the other.

This app makes one of the most feared subjects almost like a game with fun, colorful animations and easy-to-solve problems. This way, you can have fun while learning, and if you’re wrong, you can be told.

Duolingo Math offers a way to fix basic problems

Duolingo Math
Duolingo Math

As we’ve already said, math is one of the subjects that people all over the world fear the most. But a lot of this fear comes from the way people in society think about this subject, not from how hard it can be.

Duolingo Math has decided to go up against this. It changes the usual serious tone of math and gives us a much more fun and interesting look at the subject. Obviously, its difficulty will get harder with each level. You’ll start with elementary school exercises and work your way up to more grown-up tasks.

You will find everything from division to multiplication, as well as addition, subtraction, and fractions. The different levels of Duolingo Math will also cover decimals, areas, geometry, and measurement scales.

There will also be a section for training our minds. The app hopes that this will help people get better at math by giving them slightly harder problems to solve. You can also learn things that are very useful, like how to convert between pounds and ounces and other measurement systems.

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Having trouble with math, Duolingo Math got you covered

Duolingo did a survey about math anxiety while it was making its app. So, he found out that 93 percent of adults in the U.S. have had it at some point in their lives, to a greater or lesser degree. So, it also shows that at least half of high school students have “a lot of anxiety about math.”

Today, you can get Duolingo Math on your device by downloading it. However, you can only get it in English right now. The rest of the languages will be added in time, but we don’t know when that will be. In the same way, Duolingo Math hasn’t said when it will be available on Android devices.


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