Extract Boot.Img Without Firmware Download

In this article, we are going to provide the different ways or methods in which you can extract boot.img from the device. 

This is the most basic thing to learn when you want to root your Android device. But first, you need to know \”What’s a boot.img\”?

A boot.img is a small, compressed file that contains the kernel and ramdisk for your Android device. It is an image file present in the Android device which is responsible for booting up the operating system.

Moreover, it is a file that can be extracted or decrypted without any errors. You can extract this image file to your PC and then edit the OS using the binary editor.

When you re-install the OS, you need to replace the boot.img file back with the original one. So without any further delay, let\’s dive deep into the methods and see how to extract Boot.img via multiple schemes.

Extract Boot.img Without Downloading Firmware

You need to follow the next mentioned steps in strict order to achieve the desired results.


At first, you need to download and install the Android SDK Tools on your machine (PC/Laptop). Download them using the link and then unzip them. This will help you gain access to the SDK Platform Tools which are essential in the next steps.


The next step is to enable USB Debugging on your smartphone. For this, go to your Phone Settings -> About Phone -> Tap on Build Number 6-7 times. You will see a message labeled \”You are now a developer\”.


Then go back to your Phone Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer Options -> Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking. This step will help in making your Android smartphone recognizable by the PC in ADB mode.



Next, you need to install the TWRP Recovery software. It will assist in extracting the boot.img from the device.


After done with the installation successfully, you need to connect your smartphone to your laptop/computer using a USB cable. But before that, you need to ensure that the USB Debugging toggle button is enabled.


Now move to the SDK platform-tools folder on your PC, and in the top address bar write CMD. Then press Enter key on your keyboard. You will see a black screen in front of you and that is the Command Prompt Window.


To successfully boot your device to TWRP Recovery write the following command in the CMD.

adb reboot recovery

Now your device will be booted to TWRP Recovery.


Next, write the following command in the command prompt.

dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/boot of=/sdcard/boot.img

When you press the Enter key, your device will automatically extract the stock boot.img from the currently installed firmware and place it in the Internal Storage.


So the whole process is complete and now you may reboot the device to the OS. For doing this, navigate to the Reboot option and then select System.


When your device boot up, install the Magisk Manager App and patch this boot.img file with the help of it. In this way, you will get the magisk_patched.img file, which you could then flash using Fastboot Commands and thus root your device.

Extract Boot.img Using a Script File

If you are such a kind of person who likes to perform the task quickly and efficiently then no need to sit and execute commands on the CMD.

You can simply extract Boot.img using a script file. The link to the script is provided and you can easily download it here.

Once the download is completed successfully, unzip it inside the platform-tools folder. Then boot your device to Fastboot, attach it to your PC with the aid of a USB cable, and finally run the script file. That\’s all.

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There are various methods that can be used to extract the boot.img file from device. In this article, we have looked at the top two methods in detail.

Although we have tried several of them, in our opinion these are the most trustworthy and effective ones. This is useful in case you have rooted your device and want to install a custom recovery.

What are your thoughts about this article? Have you tried any of these methods before? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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