How to add photos in Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro

It is possible to add your own photos in Google Earth Pro in order to add extra information to the program. This ensures that the locations you query are always up to date.

To view the photo as an overlay image corresponding to the map image, simply open the overlay in the viewer. Then, change the transparency so that the inserted image is completely opaque.

The overlay photo will blend into the terrain shape to show more detail. By changing image properties, you can:

  • Change the refresh rate to view the most recent photo if you are viewing images that change periodically — such as web images;
  • Set the image to update whenever you browse the 3D viewer so that the photos are updated depending on the viewing mode;
  • Change the draw order of images to display them from highest to lowest draw order number, if you need to order overlapping photo overlays.

How to Insert a Photo as an Overlay in Google Earth Pro

  1. Abra o Google Earth Pro;
  2. Place the 3D viewer where you want to insert an overlay photo. Position the viewer to match the photo’s viewing altitude;
    • If it’s a photo for large areas, zoom out; for detailed photos, zoom in.
  3. Select “Add” and click “Image Overlay”;
    • To upload an image, under “Link”, enter the URL of an image file you want to use;
    • To upload an image from your computer, click “Add Local Image”.
  4. The image appears in the 3D viewer with anchor points for you to position it;
  5. Enter a description and click “Update” to set the image update properties;
  6. Use the slider to set the default image transparency;
  7. Click “Display” to open the on-screen display settings;
  8. Make the necessary changes to the position of the image in the viewer;
  9. Click “OK” to finish.

Position a non-viewer photo

Google Earth Pro lets you use markers to stretch and move the image to a specific position on the map. You may:

  • Use the center crosshair marker to slide across the overlay on the globe and position it from the center;
  • Use the diamond marker to rotate the image;
  • Use the corner crosshair markers to stretch or skew one of the selected corners. Hold the Shift key and click a marker to scale an image from the center.
  • Use the four side anchors to stretch the image inwards or outwards on the selected side. Use Shift to scale the image from the center.

Ready! Now, you can input photos and images from the internet to keep your Google Earth Pro up to date.

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