How To Change Cameo Selfie in Snapchat App 2022

In this blog post, we will be going through the steps to successfully change the cameo selfie in the Snapchat application in 2022.

If you are a Snapchat user then surely you must have come across this question many times i.e., \”How To Change Cameo Selfie in Snapchat App\”? 

But first, let\’s have a discussion on what a cameo selfie is. Snapchat came out with this new feature, and the whole internet is focused on the front-facing camera since then.

It is called Cameo, and this novel theme lets you insert a selfie into a user-selected background. This feature was introduced simultaneously with the new Snapchat update for both Android and iOS.

Snapchat cameo selfies have a dotted outline that’s quite natural. All you need to do is place your face within the outline and take a selfie. If you don’t get it right initially, don’t panic, the selfie can be changed as many times as you wish.

Recently the cameo selfie in the Snapchat app has become one of the trending things on the world wide web. The users and fans of this social networking app have been enjoying a new way to express their feelings by changing the appearance of their cameos.

Snapchat is the most popular visual messaging app on smartphones, and it has millions of users around the globe. It offers a wide variety of filters and fun tools, including the ability to add a background picture from within the app. With so many cool features, it’s hard to keep up with them all.

In this guide, we’re going to look at how to change your cameo selfie in the Snapchat application so you can take photos with your own face on them. So stay with us as we walk you through the whole process step-by-step.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Cameo Selfie in Snapchat App


  • Provide the Snapchat application with access to all the permissions
  • Keep your smartphone charged
  • Increase the brightness level
  • Must have a high-speed and reliable internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G)


Open the Snapchat application by clicking on its icon from your smartphone.



Then move to the Chat section and pick one of your friends. You can select one, depending on your own personal choice.



Now you will see a smiley face icon on the right side of the chatbox. Click on it.



After that, on the bottom of your smartphone screen, you will see one of the cameo pattern icons among a whole row of different icons including the clock and the heart. Tap on it, as soon as you find it.



Now from a whole list of cameo patterns select one of your desired choices. Click on it and you will see a new screen with a dotted outline (or a human face-like outline). Place your face within this outline and take a selfie by clicking on Create My Cameo button.


With this, you have successfully created your first cameo selfie. You can share it as your Snapchat story or save it to your Camera Roll section. Moreover, utilizing the same steps mentioned you can change your cameo selfie in the Snapchat app.

Another Method to Change Cameo Selfie in Snapchat App

If you don\’t want to use the first method, be happy, as we are now going to tell you an alternative method to achieve the desired goal of changing the cameo selfie in the Snapchat application.

Mentioned next are the steps to be followed in sequential order to successfully clear your Snapchat cameo selfie.


Launch the Snapchat application from the list of apps on your smartphone.


Once the app is opened completely, click on your profile picture icon in the upper left-hand corner of your smartphone screen.



Now from the upper right-hand corner, tap on the gear or wheel-shaped icon i.e. the Settings icon in your Snapchat app.



Then go to the section labeled Account Actions in green color and from there select the Clear My Cameos Selfie option.


In this way, you can clear your cameos selfie easily and effectively. The steps are already mentioned in the above section for making new cameos.

It all depends on your choice of who will be able to see your cameo selfie. You can make hundreds of cameos just for fun and keep them to yourself or share them with your loved ones. It\’s totally up to you. However, the process of changing the cameo selfie is the same.

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We are a huge fan of the Snapchat application and have been using it since we were teenagers. This is a great app to share your life, whether it\’s funny photos, videos, or selfies.

This post is all about how to change your cameo selfie in the Snapchat app. The main objective is to tell you the steps you should follow in order to perform this task successfully and without any hassle.

What are your thoughts on this article? Kindly provide your feedback and views in the comments section below and let us know how you feel about it. If you liked it share it with your friends and family members and give us a thumbs up. Thank you all in advance.


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