How to create a group and choose “close friends” on WhatsApp

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Not all WhatsApp contacts need to see your Status posts. The messenger allows you to set up a list of people who can view the photos or videos, similar to the close friends function on Instagram.

For a long time, the app only allowed you to hide some people from view. With an update made available in February 2023, WhatsApp allowed you to create a group of close friends: you can limit access to the publication to the contact list only, while people who are left out cannot even see the update in the Status list.

How to Create a Close Friends List on WhatsApp

  1. Open the Status creation screen and mount the publication;
  2. Tap the arrow to publish it;
  3. In the ‘My Status‘ field, select the three-dot icon;
  4. A privacy options screen will appear. Tap “Share only with…”;
  5. Choose people from the contact list and proceed;
  6. Tap “Ok” to publish.

To change the list of people, repeat the process and tap on the “Included contacts” option. The saved settings will be used in future publications.

Can I share the made WhatsApp Statuses to close friends?

Yes. Within 24 hours, you can forward the publication to other contacts or share it on Facebook. However, the Facebook option does not allow you to limit the audience that will see the content: in this case, you will have to open the social network settings and change the privacy.

Alternatives to limit viewing Statuses

If you want to hide the post from specific people, there are two different ways. First, you can choose the “My contacts except…” option in the Status privacy screen. With a similar path, the resource opens the contact list and allows you to choose who will not be able to see the content.

In addition, you can also block the person on WhatsApp. Blocked numbers cannot send messages, view status, or check profile pictures.

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