How to Create Custom Layout Emails in Gmail

Custom Layout

Gmail brings tools to create emails with a custom layout. Resources allow you to include logos and images, change colors and fonts, modify footer information and insert links — changing layout templates for writing emails.

With these options, it is possible to create a design for emails from a company or business, for example, leaving messages with a more professional face, with easy brand identification and better organization of contact information.

When defining a style for your emails, you can choose from different custom layout templates, such as for creating newsletters, advertisements, notices and promotions.

How to create emails with custom layout

To create custom layout templates in Gmail, you should start composing a new email and access the “Layouts” option.

  1. Access Gmail and click on “Write”;
  2. In the bottom bar, click on “Layouts”;
  3. Select a default layout or click “Default Style” to customize;
  4. Customize your layout by inserting logo and images, defining colors and fonts and including links and footer;
  5. Click on “Save Changes”;
  6. Select a custom layout from the options presented and click “Insert”;
  7. Write your email on the custom layout.

You can modify the layout template by changing images and removing blocks and sections as you see fit. To do so, hover the mouse over the element and click on the desired option.

In business or brand emails, it is recommended to include website and social media links, as well as email addresses in the footnote for easy contact.

Layout examples to use in Gmail

Gmail offers some layout options to customize your email, they are: call-to-action, plain text, notice, newsletter, new service, and indication. For each of them, there are two design alternatives — normal or inverted.

To create a newsletter for your brand or business, for example, you can select one of the customized layout options with your style and assemble the correspondence with your own texts and images, links to articles and redirection buttons.

Custom styled layout templates can have their elements and blocks changed depending on the purpose of the email and the user’s creativity.

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