How to exit WhatsApp groups silently

There are some good things about WhatsApp groups, but they can also be annoying often. If you want to exit one, for example, everyone will know. Or that was in the past. Things are better now than they were before. We explain how.

As soon as you start using WhatsApp, you’ll end up in at least one WhatsApp group. That of your friends, that of your family, that of your partner’s mates, that of your children’s school or your own, that of the university… Come on, if I tell you about the problems that cause so many WhatsApp groups, I’m not saying anything new. Even more so when you are asked to join a group you don’t want to join. We’ve all been through it at some point. You are there and seeing a lot of messages that don’t interest you. But everyone will know if you leave that group.

Quietly exit WhatsApp groups

They know from Facebook that a lot of people join WhatsApp groups but also wish to exit them. And there are times when it’s better that no one knows. Or looked at differently. When people leave a group and leave messages, it doesn’t look good. And it can be bothersome. So, they put a solution on Facebook so that people can leave WhatsApp groups without making noise, in silence.

Several new features are added to WhatsApp in the August updates. One of them is to leave groups on WhatsApp in a more tasteful way.  

Until today, in addition to WhatsApp messages and sharing alerts, group activities were alerted to all members. Basically, these are the notifications of who joins and leaves a group. Some groups have no trouble with people leaving and coming back. But in others, yes.

Steps leave groups on WhatsApp without anyone knowing.

But if you update WhatsApp to the most recent version, you can now leave WhatsApp groups without sending the usual message to everyone that you are leaving. Only the people who run the group will get the message. It’s not a perfect new thing, but it makes things better than they were before.

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This choice has been added to both the iPhone and Android versions of WhatsApp. If is still unavailable, be patient. The update changelog says, “These features will be released over the next weeks.” By the time you read this, it’s likely that you’ll already be able to use it.

If not, you don’t need to make any changes. When you want to leave a WhatsApp group, you’ll see a message that says only the group’s admins will know that you’re leaving. Also, like before, it will give you more than one choice: you can delete the group, leave it, or withdraw the decision.

To leave a WhatsApp group, all you have to do is join the group, click on the subject or description.
And then click on Leave the group > Leave the group. Two times, so you don’t leave by accident.
You can also call it quits from Chats by swiping the name of the group to the left and tapping More > Leave group.


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