How to find products with free shipping on AliExpress

products with free shipping

Despite offering many items with international delivery, it is still possible to find products with free shipping on AliExpress. In some cases, ordering can be cheap, but shipping costs from another country can make the purchase much more expensive than expected.

By cell phone or computer, AliExpress search allows you to use free shipping filters and even options with fast delivery of items in stock. Unlike other marketplaces, such as Shopee, it’s not common to find free shipping coupons on the platform, so it’s worth spending a few more minutes searching to find the ideal offer.

How to find products with free shipping on the AliExpress home page

  1. Open AliExpress on your cell phone or browser;
  2. Right on the home screen, tap the “Free Shipping” tab;
  3. The platform will display all products listed with free shipping. Use the search tool to look for a specific item.

How to search for products with free shipping on AliExpress

  1. Open the AliExpress app and search for a specific term or product;
  2. Some buttons are shown at the top of the screen with detailed filters. Swipe and tap the “Free shipping” option;
  3. Then the app will refine the search to only free shipping products. It is also possible to locate items in stock, without the need for international delivery.

The path is similar in the browser version. In the filters field, there is an option to activate all options with free shipping.

What to do when a product does not have free shipping?

On AliExpress, the same item can be sold from different stores. If you have found a product that does not apply to free shipping, there are two basic alternatives: first, copy the title of the ad and paste it into the search to see similar results; then, if you still haven’t found the result, save the ad image and use the app’s photo search.

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