How to fix ‘Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here’ error

When you try to put data into an application, you might get a strange error message saying that your organization’s data cannot be pasted here. This error seems to happen most often with new documents and can happen on both computers and mobile devices. Quit the app that’s giving you trouble, restart your device, and see if the same error still shows up. In this case, you can fix the problem by following the steps below.

How to fix “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here”

Change a few things and save the file

Open a new file and make some changes to it. For example, if you open a new Excel spreadsheet, you can add text to one of the cells and then fill it with a color. Click the back arrow when you’re done. When asked if you want to save the file, choose Yes.

Check to see if you can now copy and paste the information about your group into the file you just saved. If the problem keeps happening, close the file, close the program, and wait 30 seconds. Open the file that is giving you trouble and try to add your data.

If this error happens in one of your Office apps, try copying information from another Office app. Copy information from Word and paste it into Outlook, then check to see if the information is there.

Press the screen for a long time

If you’re using Android and you’re getting this error, press and hold the area of the screen where you want to paste the data, then choose Paste. You should be able to add your own information.

If you’re using Google Keyboard, the “Your data cannot be pasted here” message is usually just Gboard giving you a simple suggestion. Pressing the screen for a long time should fix the problem.

Get in touch with your IT manager.

If the problem keeps happening, talk to your administrator for more help. You might not be able to copy and paste data between apps based on how your device or apps are set up.

If you are an administrator, check your Microsoft Intune policies to make sure that you can still cut, copy, and paste. Change the policy settings to let users cut, copy, and paste data between programs.

  1. Go to the Control Panel for Microsoft Intune.
  2. Client Applications next.
  3. Application Protection Policies can be chosen.
  4. Check the current policy settings.
  5. Go to the Data Transfer section .
  6. Change the settings under Restrict cut, copy, and paste between other apps to let users copy and paste between apps.
"Your organization's data cannot be pasted here"
Data Transfer

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If your device tells you that you can’t paste the data from your organization into a certain app, make a few quick changes, save the file, and close it. Then open it back up and paste your information. You can also press and hold the spot on the screen where you want to paste the information and then choose Paste. If the problem keeps happening, talk to your IT manager. You might not be able to copy and paste data between applications because of how applications are controlled now.

Did you figure out what was wrong? Have you thought of other ways to deal with this issue? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


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