How to get a discount coupon at Shopee

discount coupon

Shopee offers several discount coupons for website and in-app purchases. In addition to periodic sales, the platform also provides codes for free shipping and specific discounts on certain marketplace categories.

Therefore, before confirming a purchase, it is worth checking if you do not have ready-to-use coupons. Many codes are automatically added to the account, but the app also reserves additional options for getting them — check out some tricks.

How to get a discount coupon at Shopee

for first purchase

Shopee offers discount coupons for the first purchase of accounts registered on the platform. These offers are available right on the application’s home screen and coupons are automatically redeemed after creation. However, you can only register one profile per cell phone number.

By daily hits

You can also receive coupons just by entering the platform. Availability varies according to periodic sales and the frequency of purchases made, but it is worth logging in and checking the profile area with the codes. It is common for Shopee to offer more coupons for exclusive use in the app.

By coupon area

In addition to these options already mentioned, Shopee has a specific area for coupons in the app. On this screen, discounts are segmented, updated daily, and separated for use in specific categories on the site. In addition, the space still has discount codes for other partner stores.

To access them, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Shopee app, tap on the “Me” section, and proceed to the coupons area;
  2. Then select “Earn more coupons”;
  3. Check all available options. Press the “I want” button to redeem them.

By Shopee games

Finally, the app still reserves a game area with rewards. There are options similar to Candy Crush, crosswords, and a kind of Tamagotchi. With each game, you can receive Shopee coins to exchange for discounts and access an area to compete for gifts on the platform.

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