How to Invert Selection in Photoshop

Invert Selection

Invert selection in Photoshop is a simple and very useful function that serves to isolate all the content that you don’t want to use from the rest of the image. It is indicated to use when editing large areas, such as changing the background of a photo.

Program selection inversion can be done after using any selection tool, but using it depends on the job and your familiarity with the tool.

How to Invert a Selection in Photoshop

The “Lasso” group of selection tools is good for complex jobs, while the “Letter” category and quick selection options like the Magic Wand are good for simple projects.

  1. Select one of the available selection tools;
  2. With the tool selected, demarcate the area you want;
  3. Right-click and choose “Select Inverse“.

That way you can invert the selection and separate the content you want to use.

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