How to Open a PAGES File on Windows


Pages is Apple ‘s text editing software , similar to Microsoft Word, found on macOS, iPadOS and iOS. Files created in the tool can be saved in the format called PAGES, but they are not opened in Windows. To access them on the PC, it is necessary to convert the document.

The best way to open PAGES file on Windows is from a converter. The good news is that you can do this in the browser itself, with the help of websites and without having to download a new program. That way, you can change to DOCX format and open in Word or Google Drive, for example.

How to convert PAGES file to DOCX on Windows

  1. Go to;
  2. Click on “Select File” and send the file in PAGES format;
  3. Then click on “Convert”;
  4. Wait for the conversion and click “Download” to download the file in DOCX. This document can be opened in Word.

Can I open a PAGES file in Google Drive?

No. Google Drive does not yet support the PAGES format. To open it in the Google document editor, convert the original file to DOCX, ODT, RTF, PDF, TXT, HTML or EPUB and upload it to the platform.

How to open a Pages document saved in ZIP file

In some cases, Windows may download the document in a compressed ZIP format folder. This happens when you download a Pages document received by WhatsApp , for example.

The unzipped file contains several documents and folders, but one of them has the original text, under the name “Preview”. Look for this option, saved in JPG or PDF format, to access the document. Then you can use the same converter from CloudConvert to get the DOCX version or open it in Google Drive.

Also, if you received a file in PAGES format and want to convert it to ZIP, just right-click on the document and select the “Rename” option. Then remove the .pages extension, replace it with .zip and you can repeat the process. The change makes the file accessible for reading as a zipped folder.

How to Convert Pages File to Word on Mac

In case you need to move the file from macOS to Windows, you can also convert it from the Pages app itself. To do so, simply select the “File” option, click “Export” and choose the “Word” format.

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