How to Request a Read Receipt in Outlook

Read Receipt

In Outlook, you can ask for a read receipt to know when an email is opened by the recipient. The feature works for both the app and the web version of the program.

A read receipt does not mean that the recipient has read the email, it just confirms that the message was opened. Also, some providers may not support the feature and the recipient may also refuse to send the confirmation to the sender.

Read Receipt in Outlook

There are different ways to request a read receipt in Outlook between the app for Windows systems, for Mac and the web version.

On Windows

It is possible to configure Outlook, in its Windows versions, to receive read confirmation of all sent emails.

  1. Open Outlook on your computer;
  2. In “File”, access “Options” and then “E-mail”;
  3. In the “Follow-up” tab, select the read confirmation option;
  4. Click “Ok”.

You can also request read receipts on individual emails by clicking on “Options” in the toolbar of a new message and activating the checkbox.

on macOS

Read receipts are only available in certain versions of Outlook for macOS, namely: Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook 2019 for Mac version 15.35 and later. Also, the feature only works for Microsoft 365 work or school accounts, or an Exchange Server account.

  1. Start a new message in Outlook;
  2. Click on “Options” in the bar above the editing tools;
  3. Check the “Request Read Confirmation” option.

In the web version

From Outlook on the web, you can request a read receipt with each new send.

  1. Start composing a new message in Outlook for the web;
  2. On the top tab, click on “Options”;
  3. In the options bar, check the box “Request read confirmation”;
  4. Submit your email.

With the read request enabled, the sender will receive an automatic message as soon as the email is opened or when the recipient confirms receipt.

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