How to see, disable, and erase Google Maps location history

Google Maps location history is a feature in your Google account that saves the areas you travel. Your mobile device must be logged into Google and have history and reporting switched on.

Google knows where you are and sends you customized suggestions based on your past. Many individuals deactivate or remove it occasionally for this reason. How to see and change history is included.

On/off location history Google Maps

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Location history is turned off by default in your Google account and you have to turn it on manually. 
activate the timeline of Google Maps , follow these steps (the process in iOS and Android is practically the same):

  1. On your phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .

  2. Tap ‘Your Timeline’ then your profile image.

  3. More (three dots) > Settings and privacy.

  4. If it says ‘Location history is off,’ touch it and enable it under Settings.

You may disable it if you change your mind. Only the last step varies from activating it. Google Maps ‘Your timeline’ ‘Settings and privacy’ Turn off “Location history”

We may also do it through our Google account, using any Google application. > Google App (YouTube or Gmail) > Profile image > Google Account > Data tab & Personalization > Location History > OFF.

By deactivating this option, Google will cease remembering our locations and itineraries, preventing tailored suggestions from Google Assistant and other corporate services.

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How to check location history

To see our visited places history, visit Google Maps and tap ‘Your Timeline’ There, we can examine our visited locations and routes and, by clicking the calendar icon, see a particular day. Process:

  • Open Google Maps on your mobile device.
  • Tap ‘Your Timeline’ then your profile image.
  • To view another month or a certain day, hit ‘Today’ and search.

When evaluating a day’s chronology, we may add a location that Google Maps missed, modify information that was not captured correctly (such as a journey’s length), or erase the whole day if we do not want it to stay. history-making It also lets us make notes if we want to recall why we went there.

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How to delete location history

We can remove history from ‘Your Timeline’ if necessary. We may remove all history, a selected time, or set it to delete automatically. iOS and Android have similar processes.

  • Open Google Maps on your mobile device.
  • Tap ‘Your Timeline’ then your profile image.
  • More (three dots) > Settings and privacy.
  • Under ‘Location Settings,’ hit ‘Delete All Location History’
  • Click ‘Erase a period of location history’ to delete particular bands of our travels without impacting the remainder of the record. Tap the calendar and pick the day or stop you wish to erase.

You may enable automatic deletion to keep the history alive and erase it as we suggest. You may remove 3, 18, or 36-month-old history. Do this:

  • Open Google Maps on your mobile device.
  • Tap ‘Your Timeline’ then your profile image.
  • More (three dots) > Settings and privacy.
  • Tap ‘Delete location history automatically’ under ‘Location settings’

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