How to Set an Alarm Clock on iPhone with Hidden Sleep Sounds

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When you get tired of the traditional alarm clock sounds on your iPhone, know that there are some hidden options in iOS for daily alarms. The Sleep mode, which helps regulate the times to sleep and wake up, has its own audio collection to replace the contents of the Clock app.

The Sounds alarm library has nine different options, with melodies that are calmer than the conventional iPhone options. It’s a good alternative for anyone who avoids waking up with that hectic sound, typical of old clocks.

To access the audio, you need to configure the sleep mode in the Health app. Then you can customize the alarm clock music. Check step by step.

How to Activate Sleep Mode

  1. Open the Health app and tap the “Sleep” tab;
  2. Then select the option “Sleep schedules”;
  3. Activate the function and configure the desired sleep and wake times.

How to Use Sleep Mode Audios on iPhone Alarm Clock

  1. After activating the function, open the Clock app and access the “Alarms” tab;
  2. Choose the configured alarm clock and press “Change
  3. On the next screen, select “Sound and Touch”;
  4. Choose from the available alarm clock options. By tapping on each of them, you can hear a preview.

Alternatives to alarm clock sound on iPhone

The options don’t stop there. Those who subscribe to Apple Music can set alarms with any song from the streaming library, for example. Just select the option “Choose a song” in the alarm configuration and select the preferred song in the music app.

In addition, it is also worth turning to third-party applications for the alarm clock. The App Store offers options that monitor the sleep cycle, with its own audio collection, and even apps that provide music from the Spotify library and other services.

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