How to Turn off a Family Member’s Cell Phone Alarm on iPhone

Alarm on iPhone

Turning off the alarm on a family member’s cell phone on the iPhone is simple, but you must meet certain criteria: Siri must be activated on your cell phone and both your cell phone and that of the relative in question must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network . Also, you and the family member must be in the same family group.

Make sure both of you are part of Apple Family Sharing . Then, Ndevtech shows you how to turn off the alarm on your device.

How to turn off a family member’s cell phone alarm on iPhone

Activate and configure Siri on your iPhone and after doing so, turn off the alarm as follows:

  1. Say “Hey Siri” to trigger the virtual assistant;
  2. Then ask her to turn off the alarm for the person in question;
  3. It is important that Siri understands the person’s name or an error message will appear and the alarm will not go off.

In this way, Siri helps you to turn off the cell phone of another person among your family members — also learn other useful Siri functions to use in your daily life.

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