How to Use Google Lens to Decipher Your Doctor’s Handwriting

decipher using google lens

Have you ever had difficulty interpreting your doctor’s handwriting on prescriptions? Using Google Lens can help decipher a healthcare professional’s scribble and avoid problems such as buying the wrong medication or not following the directions on a prescription correctly.

It is important to remember that Google Lens is under development and should be used as a support to facilitate the understanding of the doctor’s handwriting. This means that, if you still have doubts, or do not have complete confidence in the result shown by the application, it is worth consulting the professional responsible for the prescription again for further guidance.

The application works as a scanner for handwritten medical documents, relying on a number of health professionals to increase the accuracy of the result. After performing the interpretation of the doctor’s handwriting, Google Lens presents an understandable translation of the prescribed medicine and guidance.

How to Use Google Lens on a Prescription

The Google Lens feature to interpret a prescription is still a prototype and has not been released to all users. However, it still recognizes handwriting and searches by reading results. Use with great caution for medical prescriptions following the steps below:

  1. Open the Google Lens app on an Android phone or the Google app on an iPhone;
  2. On iPhone, press the camera button to open Google Lens;
  3. Select the option “Search using your camera”;
  4. Choose the “Text” tab;
  5. Point the camera at the prescription;
  6. Wait while Google Lens processes the result.

Ready! If you prefer, there are other applications that can read medical prescriptions more accurately and you can use them as a reference.

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