How to use PicsArt and delete an ex-boyfriend from photos with AI


PicsArt has a feature called “Remove My Ex” that uses Artificial Intelligence to remove an ex-boyfriend, or anyone, from a photoThe function is simple and we teach you how to use it now.

However, the function is only available for iOS, so users of the Android operating system will have to wait a while to use it.

How to Delete an Ex-Boyfriend Using PicsArt

  1. Open PicsArt ( iOS ) and access your account;
  2. Tap the “+” icon on the bottom menu of the screen, and add the photo you want to edit;
  3. Slide the bottom menu until you find the “Draw” option;
  4. Then select “Reset AI“, and with the tool, select the person you want to remove;
  5. Tap “Reset AI” again and enter what you want to replace it with
  6. Choose the art style and below the text field select “Generate image“;
  7. Wait for it to load and save the image on your cell phone or share it on social networks.

Ready! That way you can remove a person you don’t want in the photo with PicsArt.

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