Is the Instagram login location accurate? 


Have you ever checked the access Instagram account login location and noticed that the service shows a nearby city? In some situations, this is not a cause for concern and is part of the procedure used by the social network to identify new profile entries.

With each attempt to log in to the account, Instagram sends a notification to the registered email with a location, the time, and the device used. In addition, you can view the list of recent entries through the app or through the browser. If you have accessed the profile, you can ignore the message, but you need to take action when there is an unknown attempt.

Why is the Instagram login location different?

Instagram may collect the location from the IP address and not from the GPS. This is a common protocol for many social networks and online platforms. When this happens, the network may give an inaccurate result because the mobile data service is connected to servers in a neighboring city.

It has some main reasons, like the proximity to the server or even connection stability with the IP address. Pay close attention to the device name and time. However, if this information is consistent with your most recent access, there was no hacking attempt.

Instagram can still use GPS location. When this permission is enabled on the cell phone, it is possible to find places close to the current position of the device when creating a publication or using the Stories location stickers.

What to do when Instagram shows a very different location?

When the access history shows an attempt made in another country or with a different device, it is very likely that someone tried to hack your account. Through the application, it is possible to disconnect this attempt:

  1. Open Instagram, select the menu on the profile, and tap on “Settings”;
  2. Then tap on “Security”;
  3. Press “Login activity”;
  4. View the most recent logins. Tap “It wasn’t me” and press “Exit” to disconnect the account from other devices.

To protect the profile, it is also recommended to change the account password. This measure disconnects Instagram from other devices and will require a new password for future logins. Don’t forget to keep your details up-to-date, such as your email address and cell phone number, to receive verification information.

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