PlayStation Retrospective | How to see what you played the most in 2022


December is the month to look back and review the great moments of the year, and in games, this is also possible. The PlayStation Wrap-Up Retrospective shows you what you played the most in 2022, how many hours you spent playing, and other interesting information.

You can also save and share the result of the retrospective on social networks and, in the end, you will receive a commemorative avatar for accessing Wrap-Up 2022. The retrospective can be accessed directly from the browser on both PC and mobile.

How to do the PlayStation retrospective

In the “Most Played” category, you can see how many hours you’ve enjoyed the title and the total percentage for the year of the five most played games.

  1. Abra o site Wrap-Up PlayStation (;
  2. Login with your account, then click “Start now”;
  3. Click “Most Played” or other categories you like;
  4. Wait for it to load and scroll down to the “Top 5 Most Played” section;
  5. Click on each game to see detailed information.

How to share your 2022 Wrap-Up

  1. After viewing your Wrap-Up information, click “Share” in the upper right corner;
  2. Wait for it to load and the Facebook and Twitter icons will appear below the image to share directly;
  3. If you want to share on another social network, click the download icon.

Ready! That way you can do the PlayStation retrospective and share it on your social networks.

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