The iPhone 15 would exclude power and volume buttons

In addition to the USB-C port, the iPhone 15 would have more new features on the outside. Ming-Chi Kuo said in a post on his Twitter page that the company could get rid of the physical volume and power buttons and replace them with solid-state buttons.

The analyst is sure that the new buttons will have the same mechanism as the home button on the second- and third-generation iPhone 7, 8, and iPhone SE. The company would replace the keys with buttons that work like the home button on the iPhone SE.

iPhone 15

In the same way that the home button has a Taptic Engine. The solid-state buttons on the iPhone 15 would have one on each side. These would make a slight vibration that would look like a key being pressed. Kuo also points out that this change will mean that each iPhone will have three Taptic Engines instead of just one. This will mostly help Luxshare ICT and AAC Technologies, which are two of the companies that make the vibration motors mentioned above.

Yes, Kuo makes a point of saying that the change would only be in “two new high-end models.” It seems to be about the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. So, both versions would still have physical keys. Let’s not forget that these will come with the dynamic island, which is one of the best things about the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

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USB-C will be on all iPhone 15s

USB-C on all iPhone 15

Yes, all of the iPhone 15 models that Apple announces in the next year will have a USB-C port. In fact, the company just recently confirmed that its future devices will have the connector mentioned above. This is to meet European regulations that say all manufacturers must add this port by 2024. They are clear, though, that they do not agree with this rule.

If the company doesn’t change its plan, there could be four iPhone models next year: a standard version, an iPhone 15 Plus, a Pro model, and a Pro Max model. Some weak rumors, on the other hand, say that the company might make an iPhone 15 Ultra. As usual, all of them would be made public in September 2023.


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