Twitter wants $20 per month to retain your “Verified” status

Elon’s first move after buying Twitter is to charge verified users $20 a month to stay verified.

After spending a lot of money on Twitter, Elon needs to make money. However, the only way to do that is to get paid. At least, that’s what Twitter’s plans show, since it wants to charge verified accounts.

The Verge says that the social network plans to charge verified accounts a fee to maintain their blue check. This will indicate that the account is verified. It’s not clear when Twitter will start using this measure. However, according to sources, Elon wants everything to be ready by November 7. Otherwise the people who work for this feature will be fired.

Under the company’s current plan for verified users, these people would have 90 days to sign up for Twitter Blue’s paid plan or lose their blue verification check.

It would be the next step in Twitter Blue, which the firm launched a few months ago and lets users modify Tweets. Musk appears to want subscriptions to account for half the company’s revenue.

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Half a million Twitter users will pay $20 per month

With approximately half a million confirmed users, the company may not reach that milestone with current action. Even if half paid the subscription, which would be a large number, it would be a modest amount.

Even though the blue check is pretty rare, it’s not clear that it’s worth the $20 the company wants to charge. Keeping in mind that verified users tend to be the most active on the platform. And losing them could be the last thing Twitter wants to do.

Even so, it looks like we’ll know for sure in a few days, since the company plans to have this function ready by November 7. Then, after 90 days, the blue check will be taken away from those who have been verified but have not paid. It’s still not clear if anyone will be able to check if they pay the Twitter tax after that.

Also, not every country has access to Twitter Blue. Will it be available everywhere?


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