WhatsApp has adopted the best Telegram feature

The latest version of WhatsApp allows self-sharing and synchronization across different devices. This is the feature that the WhatsApp has adopted from Telegram.

WhatsApp Telegram has a standout feature: the ability to send a message to ourselves and leave it as a store. But to do the same thing on WhatsApp, we had to use the old trick of making a group with just ourselves and kicking out the rest of the members. This seems to be over now that the latest WhatsApp beta lets us send messages to ourselves with attachments like pictures.

Wabetainfo reports that WhatsApp is still improving its multi-device app. A future update will enable you utilize your personal chat on connected devices. Sharing material between devices would be facilitated, and everything would remain in sync.

WhatsApp Telegram

With this new feature, we may start a conversation by entering our own phone number to act as a personal reminder. We can even put our own chat at the top of the list so that everything is easy to get to.

WhatsApp private conversation where we may exchange stuff

In the above snapshot of WhatsApp for desktop, we can see that our personal contact is already there. And how could it be any other way when you can send messages by touching your personal chat?

According to the source, this discussion and its content will also surface when you log in to WhatsApp from a different mobile device in the future. At the moment, yes, it’s only been seen on the desktop. WhatsApp aims to provide the same capability to Android and iOS beta versions.  Although without a date.

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This is one of the functions that is missing from the current multi-device version, which still has some synchronization problems. Also, it seems like they are also working on adding more features. Linked iPhones may erase or delete messages, monitor current location, and create and browse lists.
But, as usual, this feature is being worked on and will be released in upcoming app update.


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