WhatsApp long-awaited group chat upgrade finally arrives

WhatsApp keeps adding new upgrade, and the next thing to get a boost will be the groups.

WhatsApp has been working hard for the past few years to add new features to its service. Most of the functions were ones that users had asked for for a long time. Certainly, the app was behind other platforms, but it has been making up for its flaws little by little. Yes, the next new things are made with groups in mind.

Group chats are one of the most popular features of WhatsApp, because they make it easier to talk to a group of friends or family members (or coworkers, though it’s not a good tool for that) at the same time. Because of this, WhatsApp knows that conversations with three or more people need more features than a regular chat. Those who were meant to keep order were among them.

Permissions for WhatsApp groups chat upgrade

A group that has access rights set up. If there’s one thing that’s missing from WhatsApp groups, it’s a better way to control who can join. Today, all you need is a link to join a group chat, even if the other people in the group don’t agree. In this case, the platform is working on a way to stop unwanted users from joining.

Among other things, the new feature will let group administrators know when a user wants to join. In fact, you will be able to quickly and easily approve or deny your access from the same alert.

The proposal avoids the awkward situation of having to kick out users whose presence makes the other participants feel bad. The only bad thing is that you might have to explain why you said no to someone.

It’s important to note that the access authorization has to be turned on by hand in the chat settings. If you want, you can leave the door open so that anyone can come in, which is how it works now.

It’s not the only thing WhatsApp groups will get soon. The service also wants people to be able to leave a chat without making noise. That is, without the message to quit showing up.

We don’t know exactly when these additions will come out in groups, which is a shame. Wabetainfo says that both are still being worked on, so it will probably be a few months before we can all use them.

WhatsApp communities

The biggest change coming to WhatsApp groups has nothing to do with access permissions or silent abandonment. Instead, it has to do with how they are run. Since last year, we’ve known that the platform works in the Communities, which is a way to control multiple group chats from the same place (each will have its own tab). The idea is clearly based on Slack and Microsoft Teams, since many people already use WhatsApp to talk to each other at work.

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Communities will also be helpful for large groups of people who want more order in their conversations by splitting them up into more specific topics. So far, we know that this feature will make it possible for up to 10 groups to join the community. This number could change in the future, though.

Even though there isn’t a set date for the launch of WhatsApp Communities, the beta version started in a few countries a few weeks ago, which is a sign that it will be out soon. But it’s important to note that chat administrators won’t have to make a community to run their chats. It will be something that you can choose to do or not.


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